About us

We are an ethnic wear textile manufacturer. Our story began in the year 2012. Back then, we entered the textile industry as a fashion company ready to sell textile products. Today we are focused and committed to connecting with hundreds of customers who deliver to thousands of consumers India-wide – every day with our thoughtful, authentic, and innovative range of ethnic wear. Yadu Nandan Fashions is named after our religious beliefs to symbolize the significance and vibrancy of our ethnic culture. Our constant aim is to give a sense of pride to our customers whenever they wear our apparel. Our core strength lies in developing unparalleled designs that are specifically designed by continuously learning end-consumers ever-changing fashion taste, their willingness to pay, and their desire of how they expect the ethnic wear to give them the feel of value and pride.

Our Purpose

YNF exists to create affordable women fashion products delivering the essential pride and feel of independence.

Our Vision

“YNF commits to become available, accessible and affordable for all possible range of silk & cotton-based fashion products in the next 5 years aiming to gain market position in the top 5 of the industry segment.”

  • For Customers (Dealers): To become a company of choice for our customers known for our small shelf life, high product integrity and relationship of transparency
  • For end–Consumers: To become the most reliable company to deal with and inspire pride
  • For Employees: To become a place that has opportunities for financial independence and self-development through a conducive environment
  • For Suppliers: To become a company which is reliable, inclusive and a partner in strategic growth.

Owner Information

Mr. Rinkesh Agarwal, the owner of Yadu Nandan Fashions is an upcoming, young and thoughtful entrepreneur in the field of fashion. Having entered business at an early age, he has a very rich and vast experience of working on the entire textile value chain with the key focus on what the customer really wants. Through his company YNF, he aims to provide the best quality and design of silk & cotton-based fashion products (not just at lowest prices). Unlike the traditional models of brick-and-mortar or click- and-order, he is adopting a hybrid model of bricks-and-clicks to ensure the best product be accessible and available to all Indian women. As an owner, his key role remains that of a strategic planner and consistent result achiever. He continuously challenges his own assumptions and capabilities for performance. He also believes in building team as he is aware that long-lasting success can be achieve only through collective energies and synergies of an involved, committed and engaged team. He believes “The toughest job of all is not to create the most unique design, rather it is the ability to take the risk on your own confidence of the market fitment of the design”